Welcome to the

Million Dollar
Business Method!

Welcome to the

Million Dollar
Business Method!

Led By Josh Axe And Industry Experts

We’re honored to welcome you into our Community. You’ve already made the best investment for your business and future. Throughout this journey, our team of top industry experts will guide you through our hard-learned insider secrets to add years back to your life, diminish stress, and build wealth. Let’s dive in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I navigate through the Course platform?

What is the recommended process for going through the course?

The program consists of 20 lessons, 50 modules, taught by nine industry experts, a 160 page playbook, and detailed class notes. The entire method builds upon itself. It’s broken down into five sections. I encourage you to go through the sections sequentially in order as they appear, starting with section one, Transformational Mindset. 

Here’s the roadmap: 

Section 1: Transformational Mindset

Section 2: Brand & Product Development

Section 3: Scaling with Purpose

Section 4: Marketing

Section 5: Case Studies & Bonuses

Each section has lesson videos, audio files, transcripts, outlines, action steps and a playbook– all to help you make the most of the information. 

See the full Program Syllabus

    How many hours do I need to invest each week?

    The Million Dollar Business Method is self-paced, so you can build and scale your business at whatever speed your situation allows. At a minimum, we recommend investing at least two to three hours per week. This small time investment will make a HUGE impact on your business. 

    This course will teach you how to give more time to what matters in your life and business. Make sure to complete the “Productivity and Time Management” lesson to learn how to organize your day for the most impact.  That’s where you’ll learn tools to maximize your time as you navigate through the program.

    Depending on your pace, you can expect that in about four to six weeks you’ll be building and scaling your business in a purposeful, powerful, and profitable way.

      How do I get the most out of the course content?

      Approach this with a growth mindset. Be committed to growing yourself and growing your business. Your business will never grow bigger than you grow yourself, so commit to growing yourself in all areas of life. Be okay with digging deep and getting outside of your comfort zone a little bit in order to grow something incredible. 

      Go through the sections and lessons in order. Begin with the Transformational Mindset section, so you can set clear goals and a vision for moving forward. As you hone in on your purpose, you’ll be able to use it to push you forward through the rest of the journey.

      To keep up the momentum of taking consistent action, complete the playbook exercises that correlate with each lesson.  

      What is the refund policy?

      We are committed to you if you’re committed to this method. That’s why we’re giving you a full 60 DAYS to put the plan into action before making a final commitment.  If you do the work (details here) and decide this program is not right for you, just let us know and we will refund your investment.

        How do I change my email address or password?

        Have a new email address? You can update your personal information on your My Account page at anytime.

        You’ll use this email address when logging-in to the Member Area and this is also where we’ll send updates going forward.

          Can my spouse/friend/business partner also take this program?

          We’d love for your partner, spouse, or friend to join the Million Dollar Business Method! 

          In order to have the full experience, and be compliant with our terms, each member is required to purchase their own membership during our enrollment period. We don’t allow sharing memberships or program materials and doing so is a violation of our terms and may be grounds for immediate removal from the program. 

          If you’d like to purchase an additional membership as a gift during enrollment, please write to our team at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to set that up for you!