Welcome to the Million Dollar Business Method!

We’re honored to welcome you into our Community. You’ve already made the best investment for your business and future. Throughout this journey, our team of top industry experts will guide you through our hard-learned insider secrets to add years back to your life, diminish stress, and build wealth. Let’s dive in!

Your Roadmap to Success

This is a journey that will uplevel your life, transform your business, and bring you real freedom to do what you love most.

We’ll be digging deep into your core purpose, building a vision that inspires, offering tools to manage your time and your team effectively, developing the skills of a level 10 leader, and sharing the ins-and-outs of building, scaling, and marketing your business to massive success.

Applying the content won’t always be easy. But I promise you, if you stay focused and take consistent action, this program will transform your life and your business beyond what you thought possible. 

So here’s what you can expect inside the Million Dollar Business Method. 

The program consists of 20 Lessons, 50 modules, taught by nine industry experts, a 160 page Playbook, and detailed class notes. The entire Course builds upon itself. It’s broken down into five sections. I encourage you to go through the sections sequentially in order as they appear, starting with section one, Transformational Mindset. 

Here’s the roadmap: 

  • Section 1: Transformational Mindset
  • Section 2: Brand & Product Development
  • Section 3: Scaling with Purpose
  • Section 4: Marketing
  • Section 5: Case Studies & Bonuses

Each section has lesson videos, audio files, transcripts, outlines, action steps and a playbook– all to help you make the most of the information. 

See the full Program Syllabus

Now, I want to give you some key tips to help you navigate through the program:

  1. Approach this with a growth mindset. Be committed to growing yourself and growing your business. Your business will never grow bigger than you grow yourself, so commit to growing yourself in all areas of life. Be okay with digging deep and getting outside of your comfort zone a little bit in order to grow something incredible. 
  2. Go through the sections and lessons in order.  Begin with the Transformational Mindset section, so you can set clear goals and a vision for moving forward. As you hone in on your purpose, you’ll be able to use it to push you forward through the rest of the journey. Also don’t skip the lesson on Productivity and Time Management. That’s where you’ll learn tools to effectively prioritize your day and maximize your time as you navigate through the program, so you can build from a strong foundation. 
  3. Complete the playbook exercises that correlate with each lesson.  There is a digital version you can fill out online, or you can download it and print it out.  Do whatever is most effective for you. This is how you will keep up the momentum of taking action.

Know that we are here to support you, and we’re championing you on your journey. 

If you need anything at all, just reach out to [email protected]

This program will help guide you to do what it takes to step up as a leader to impact people and the planet in a positive and powerful way.

On behalf of myself, the business leaders inside this program, and the entire Leaders team . . . 

Thank you for putting your trust in us, and most importantly, for trusting yourself. 

I’ll see you inside lesson one. 

Here to Serve,

Josh Axe